We’ve been curious all our lives. Eager to explore. To taste, to travel, to learn. We know we’re not alone. Ancient cultures roping planks of wood together to ride atop tides and visit foreign shores.  Roped planks giving way to crude ship hulls with masts, establishing seaports as centers of commerce and culture. 

People risking life and limb to board barges and bridge seas in search of seeds. Kingdoms emptying coffers in search of flavors from distant lands. 

It’s fascinating to think of a small, dried berry motivating a fleet of ships to set sail. Countries stitched together by roads of silk because people will always be driven to seek what’s new. 

Things are bit different now. The Isle of Spice is now aisle. A jar of cloves that was once worth a ship is now on sale for $4.99. Row after row of vacuum sealed, zipper-topped, shrink wrapped goods distance their contents from the soil in which they grew. 

We stand in our mega-mart taking photos of bags of rice, jars of peppercorns and boxes of grains. This aisle is full of untold stories. Our hope is to remove some of the distance. It is time to reconnect. Learn of the hands that till the soil, the mouths those hands feed and the land those mouths call “home”. 
Saltie is founded on this simple principal- a few friends, driven by curiosity, sourcing wonderful products from around the world and sharing their story with your heart and palate.