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8oz / 227g Bag

SuperMe 100% Raw Organic Goji Berries.

Goji Berries Are One Of The Most Nutrient Dense Fruits On Earth.

While it’s true that goji berries are low in sugar and packed with vitamins + antioxidants, the most enticing quality of this delightful treat is its taste. With a naturally perfect balance of sweet and delicious, gojis offer a healthy, satisfying way to add depth to your oatmeal or boost your yogurt. Toss a handful into your mouth, your trail-mix, or even into a pot of tea and enjoy the subtle sweetness as ancient cultures have for thousands of years.

SuperMe Goji Berries, Organic + Raw SuperMe Goji Berries, Organic + Raw

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SuperMe Goji Berries, Organic + Raw