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Wild Ox’s Organic Long Grain Parboiled Rice combines all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients found in brown rice, with the taste, texture and quick cook time of white rice. 

After rice is harvested, its hull is removed to create brown rice. If rice further processed to remove the bran, it becomes white rice.  The journey for parboiled rice begins before the hull is removed. The whole grain of rice is soaked, steamed and dried before removing the hull, inviting all the water-soluble vitamins and minerals to migrate from the bran into the kernel. 

Wild Ox’s naturally fortified super-rice combines a delicious flavor and texture with all the nutritional benefits found in brown rice. Come for the taste, but stay for the nutrition.   

Low Glycemic Index  
2X fiber of white rice 
Easy to digest



Organic Parboiled Super-Rice

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