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Wild Ox’s Organic Indian Basmati White Rice brings the very best extra-long grain Basmati rice from Northern India to your home.

Wild Ox’s Organic White Basmati rice is renowned for the extraordinary length of its kernel, charismatic scent and subtle, sweet flavor. The name Basmati comes from the Hindi word for “fragrant,” and rightfully so. The aroma is chorus of spicy, nutty and floral notes – a nod to the Himalayan terroir from which it is grown.

Basmati is a “dry-grain,” without the characteristic stickiness found in other varieties, making it the perfect base to a pilaf or complement to a saucy dish. When cooked, Wild Ox’s Organic White Basmati rice its light, tender and airy – a delectable addition to any pantry or plate.

Organic White Basmati Rice

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