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The only peppercorn in the world awarded the distinction of a Protected Geographical Indication by the European Union.

Cultivated in the quartz-rich foothills of Kampot, Cambodia since the 13th Century, Kampot peppercorns have been a sought-after international delicacy since they made their debut in French kitchens in the 1700s.  Though widely renowned, Kampot peppercorns are difficult to come by - Kampot is a small region, and yearly harvests of this sought after spice are limited.  

Slightly floral on the nose, Kampot peppercorns have a flavor that is at once warm, rich and spirited. The deep, spicy flavor persists pleasantly on the palette - a hallmark unique to crop from this small region.  While each variety boasts its own unique bouquet of flavors and aromas, the lingering experience on the tongue is a feature shared by all Kampot peppercorns.    

Wild Ox invites you to grab a mortar and pestle, crack a few peppercorns and experience this Cambodian treasure.

Kampot Pepper - Black Kampot Pepper - Black

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